Using Your A/C Unit Effectively

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Once you have managed to get your brand new air conditioner installed and working as intended, you are definitely ready to experience eternal bliss even during the torrid afternoons and evenings that have become a common occurrence as of late. While you should be able to find a few settings that are to your liking after a few tries, you might not always be getting the most use out of your new purchase. In order to ensure this does not happen, take some time to read the following guidelines: you never know when you might have missed something important related to your air conditioning unit.

 Read the Instruction Manual Attentively

 Manufacturers do not provide instruction manuals and leaflets for nothing: most of the time, they contain exhaustive information on a broad range of topics, meaning that you ought to find the answer to most of your questions and doubts by simply reading the manual from beginning to end. Most of these booklets even have a separate section for troubleshooting, which might be vital to identify potential issues that may arise in future.

 Insulate the Room

 Your A/C unit may be working more than required to keep a poorly insulated room cooled to your requirements. This is not ideal, as the unit itself is working continuously, while the poor insulation means that you won’t get efficient cooling as advertised. In order to insulate the room, you can do a lot of different things. First, make sure to close windows, curtains and blinders to avoid sunlight penetrating the room. After that, take a look at the possibility of air leaks existing. Fixing them might require more work on your part, but it can make a significant difference in the heating and cooling Melbourne capability of the room.

 Ensuring Regular Servicing of the Unit

 Make sure to get in touch with an air conditioning service Western Suburbs Melbourne expert at least once every year to have your unit inspected. This may seem like overcompensating, but remember that it can be helpful to detect anomalies and take preventive action to avoid your machine from losing performance over time. Even if the machine itself is fine, the person you hired will still take care of cleaning air ducts from debris and dust accumulated over time, which should theoretically improve cooling performance of your air conditioning unit.

 Don’t Go Crazy with the Thermostat

 Who doesn’t love setting the thermostat to a very low temperature and experiencing the air conditioner working at full power? This might be fun to do once in a while, but don’t get used to it. It dramatically increases energy costs, so try to keep the thermostat at an acceptable level. Also remember to increase it by a few clicks during the night, as it can help you sleep better.